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Christmas Giving

Last week was a big week for us at the Freedom Hub. Amongst the many events being held in our beautiful space, we had some special events of our own in the lead up to Christmas. Last Sunday we had the privilege of being welcomed to the Pyrmont community at their annual Christmas in Pyrmont. The streets were buzzing with festivities, many small businesses being welcomed to the area and showcased to it’s residents giving passers by the chance to get in some christmas shopping while enjoying the tunes of everyone’s favourite Christmas Carols. We even were visited by the honourable Mayor Clover Moore who was so pleased to hear what we were doing at the Freedom Hub. They raised $10,000 for our charity to help us relocate our Survivor School to Pyrmont in 2018.

Then we celebrated Christmas with YOU! Our Freedom Hub extended family. We took part in festivities with decadent cheeses and fabulous wine with a cause for our Annual Christmas Wine Appreciation night. A huge thank you to Direct Wine Cellars for donating the wine and sharing their expertise. $4000 was raised to help our survivors over the Christmas/January period.

We were so excited to once again celebrate Christmas with our community to say thank you for your support this year while raising funds for our cause. As the year comes to a close, with the final month of the year starting now, we want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT , and thank you for helping us do our part in freeing Australia and helping victims of modern day slavery.

If you are looking for more ways to give back over Christmas make sure you check out our earlier blog on ethical Christmas gifts, or to donate go to this link:

Have a great Christmas Season,

Good Vibes and Abundance


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