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How to Make an Impact with Butterflies

Butterflies seem to be a reoccurring symbol in everyday life.

Growing up, to see a butterfly was the highlight of my day. Every time I saw a one outside the classroom window I was fixated, much to the dismay of my teachers. Once while at a layover at Singapore Airport, I came across a butterfly garden. Although airports tend to be the lowlight of most overseas trips, this experience was certainly a highlight. There was nothing more exciting to me than being surrounded by all these butterflies. I took more photos in the few minutes I was there than I did the entire trip. For my younger self, butterflies were awe-inspiring. Not only was I fascinated by the intricacy of the colours and patterns of its wings, but also the freedom it had.

For many, the butterfly takes on a powerful meaning; beauty, transformation, hope, change and most importantly freedom. It’s a constant reminder for me of the huge privilege I have. To study, to travel, to spend time with family and friends, to work where I want; these are so easy to take for granted.

For the Freedom Hub, the butterfly is an important reminder of its vision: to help survivors of slavery rebuild their life for successful independent living and partner in the goal to end modern day slavery globally. The butterfly is a symbol of an entry into a new season, the Freedom Hub assisting survivors along this journey as they step into a new hope and a new freedom.

Our slogan “small change big effect” was inspired by the chaos theory where, the Butterfly Effect is “the phenomenon whereby a minute localised change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.”

So our butterfly isn’t just a logo, it’s a message of hope.

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