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Can you believe we need an Anti Slavery Day?

With more and more days of the year being claimed as unofficial holidays like ‘National Pizza Day’, our newsfeed fills up fast. So it is important to recognise the big ones with days like tomorrow, Anti Slavery Day, and the importance they have in actually making an impact for issues that we are facing globally. This national day is based on the Anti Slavery Day Act 2010 passed by the parliament of the UK in an effort to ‘raise awareness amongst young people and others of the dangers and consequences of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation and encourage them to be proactive in the fight against it. “ to eventually eradicate the issue. With that said, lets have a look at some statistics to show you just how much of an issue slavery is in the world today.......

Have a look at the short video to learn more.

“So what can I possibly do?” you may be wondering, here are some simple ways to make an impact in the fight against slavery this Anti Slavery Day.

1. Let people know this is happening: Share the above video, or any other piece of information you have about modern day slavery with those in your community. At the Freedom Hub we believe in the power of one and how one person can do one small action which has a big effect. The more we talk about it the more awareness is spread and the closer we are to ending Modern Slavery. Working together is how we create change.

2. Reach out to us at The Freedom Hub and see how you can fit in with our team of volunteers, or to learn about other organisations you can work with to make an impact on the cause.

3. Visit us if you can. In our consumerist society, the majority of us eat out frequently, so why not take one of those trips to The Freedom Hub Cafe for breakfast, lunch or even just a coffee! It will taste even more delicious knowing it will go to a good cause.They bare also available to hold events and workshops in the beautiful space. Our address is 283 Young St, Waterloo, NSW 2017.

4. You can contact us or you can donate or you can volunteer

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